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Whether this is your first diet or you’ve been losing and regaining weight for years, your chance for success is better when you have a weight loss management program. As a family medicine physician, registered dietitian, and an obesity medicine specialist, Angelina Neria, MD, at Living Water Community Health and Wellness Clinic has the expertise to support your weight loss with medical care, a personalized plan, and ongoing support and encouragement. To start your weight loss journey, call the office in Porterville, Lindsay, or Visalia, California, or schedule an appointment online.

Weight Loss Management Q&A

How does being overweight affect my health?

The cells that store extra fat actively produce and release hormones and other biochemicals that have a negative impact on your health. Some cause body-wide inflammation, while others negatively affect your metabolism, leading to health problems such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Colon, breast, and endometrial cancers

Extra body weight also increases your risk of developing osteoarthritis, especially in your knees.

How does weight loss management help me reach my goals?

At Living Water Clinic, Dr. Neria offers a unique combination of medical skills that are perfect for weight loss management. When you work together with Dr. Neria, your weight loss management begins with a thorough examination to determine if you have chronic health conditions or hormone imbalances that interfere with weight loss.

Beyond her professional skills, Dr. Neria believes in treating the whole person with compassionate care. She takes a personal interest in each person, providing emotional support and motivation for those times when you hit a plateau or feel like giving up.

What services do I receive during weight loss management?

Your weight loss program is comprehensive and fully customized to meet your specific weight loss goals. Dr. Neria helps you set healthy and sustainable goals, then determines your daily calorie and activity requirements.

You get the information and services you need for successful weight loss, such as:

Nutritional counseling and meal plans

While Dr. Neria may recommend certain supplements to support your weight loss, she doesn’t put you on an unrealistic diet that you could never keep up with after you drop the weight. She teaches you about healthy portions, foods to include and avoid, and helps you create a meal plan you can stick with for the long run.

Exercise regimen

Exercise is an essential part of a weight loss plan and for restoring your overall health and strength. Dr. Neria works with you to develop an exercise plan that’s safe for your body, and that incorporates activities you can enjoy.


Dr. Neria may prescribe a weight loss medication that works by curbing your appetite, limiting fat absorption, or making you feel full sooner. However, not everyone is a good candidate for these medications.

You can successfully reach your weight loss goals with support at Living Water Community Health and Wellness Clinic. To schedule a consultation, call or book an appointment online.