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Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a variant of telemedicine that affords you the convenience of prompt medical care without going to a doctor's office. The practitioners at Living Water Community Health and Wellness Clinic, aka Living Water Clinic, offer patient-centered services via remote patient monitoring. This service allows people of all ages to receive high-quality care with convenience. If you're interested in RPM, call the Porterville, Lindsay, or Visalia, California, office to speak with a member of the friendly staff. You can also book an appointment online.

Remote Patient Monitoring Q&A

What is remote patient monitoring?

Remote patient monitoring, or RPM, is a form of telemedicine. This form of healthcare is delivered remotely and allows patients to access high-quality medical assessments and treatments with ease and efficiency.

Whether you need to stay home because you're sick, you have other responsibilities, or you prefer the convenience of not traveling to the office, remote patient monitoring offers convenient health care for everyone of all ages in your family.

How can remote patient monitoring help me?

Remote patient monitoring can help you in several ways. First, RPM can allow your physician to track any condition you have and prevent costly, emergent complications from arising. For the vast majority of patients in the United States, managing a chronic disease is a primary concern.

With remote patient monitoring, your physician can improve the management of your condition through the collection and analysis of patient-generated data. Even though you don't go into the office, technology allows you to share this information with your doctor with ease.

If you have diabetes, you can share your blood glucose level; if you have hypertension, you can share your blood pressure. Knowing what these values allow you and your doctor to manage them better.

RPM can enable your physician to catch out-of-range values that might otherwise go unnoticed. With additional data, you and your doctor can address trends that require a need to change the care regimen. This health-promoting support could include coaching on daily choices, such as physical activity, sleep hygiene, and stress management.

Why should I choose remote patient monitoring?

Remote patient monitoring can significantly impact your ability to manage an acute or chronic condition. With RPM, you work with your physician remotely to monitor your medication routine, weight changes, blood sugar, physical activity, and other factors that can all reduce health risks and complications.

Working with your provider in this way fosters more accountability and can be a motivating force to help you get well. While RPM may seem different than a traditional office visit, it can actually help you receive more education and feedback than you would if you had waited for a regular appointment.

What insurance covers remote patient monitoring?

Patients are taking advantage of telehealth services now more than ever before, so it’s important to find insurance that covers remote patient monitoring. Many major private insurance providers offer some form of telemedicine coverage, depending on your plan.

Some of the major insurance companies that offer coverage for remote patient monitoring are:

  • BCBS (Blue Cross Blue Shield)
  • United Healthcare
  • Cigna
  • Aetna
  • Humana

You may also be eligible for remote patient monitoring coverage through many Medicare plans and at least 23 Medicaid plans.

How do I use remote patient monitoring?

The team at Living Water Clinic uses the Accuhealth Telehealth platform to deliver its convenient and confidential remote patient monitoring service. This platform is intuitive for most patients, but the team will help you set up your account if you need help.

Accuhealth Telehealth allows your doctor to offer preventive, patient-based care that's tailored to you and your specific condition. To learn more about remote patient monitoring, call Living Water Community Health and Wellness Clinic or set up an initial consultation online.