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Telemedicine gives you the convenience of getting the medical care you need without going to a medical office. The family practitioners at Living Water Community Health and Wellness Clinic, aka Living Water Clinic, offer patient-focused services via telemedicine, ensuring that people of all ages receive high-quality, evidence-based, and affordable health care. If you’re interested in telemedicine, a caring team member tells you how to connect with the doctors when you call the office in Porterville, Lindsay, or Visalia, California. You may also schedule an appointment online.

Telemedicine Q&A

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine, also called telehealth, gives you the ability to receive your medical care from the comfort and safety of your home using online video conferencing or a telephone call.

Whether you need to stay home because you’re ill, you don’t have a babysitter for your children, you have car trouble, or you simply prefer the convenience of not traveling to the office, telemedicine offers accessible health care for everyone of all ages in your family.

What services are available through telemedicine?

According to state law in California, you can use telemedicine to receive most of your medical care, including the full range of services provided by the family medicine providers at Living Water Clinic.

By their nature, some services require an in-person appointment. Vaccinations, minor surgery, and Pap smears are a few examples of in-office services. Otherwise, you can rely on telemedicine to receive:

New patient evaluations

You can establish a new relationship with a provider at Living Water Clinic through telemedicine. Depending on your symptoms and diagnosis, your provider may ask to schedule an in-person examination after your initial telemedicine conference.

Follow-up evaluations

Established patients can take care of their follow-up appointments via telemedicine. 

Medication management

Your provider at Living Water Clinic can prescribe or refill medications during your telemedicine meeting. After your appointment, they send your prescription to your preferred pharmacy.

Urgent care or sick visits

You can use telemedicine when you need quick medical attention for an illness, a flare-up of a chronic condition, or a minor injury. Depending on the severity and nature of your injury, your provider may need you to go to the office.

Does insurance pay for telemedicine?

California law requires health insurance providers to pay for telemedicine when delivery occurs in real-time, face-to-face videoconferencing. Some insurance carriers may cover telemedicine care via phone, fax, or email, but the law does not require it. California Medicaid and Medicare also cover some telemedicine services.

How do I access telemedicine?

You can access telemedicine online using any smartphone, tablet, or computer that’s equipped with video. If you don’t have Internet access, you can arrange your telemedicine appointment using a phone. Medical assistants at Living Water Clinic are on standby for check-in, giving you easy and timely access to the family practitioners. Learn more here.

Call one of the Living Water Community Health and Wellness Clinic offices to learn more about using telemedicine. You can also schedule appointments online.