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What Can Remote Patient Monitoring Do for Me?

In 2020, many reasons could prevent you from wanting to schedule an office visit if you notice new symptoms of an illness or have concerns about an ongoing medical condition. In addition to the usual struggles of scheduling, transportation, child care arrangement, and the physical stress of travel, especially when you’re unwell, you want to limit your exposure to COVID-19.

That’s why you should know about the benefits of remote patient monitoring (RPM). At Living Water Community Health and Wellness Clinic, we use this remote monitoring to protect and support patients’ health and wellness.

You can always rely on our team of experienced family medicine and primary care doctors to diagnose and treat your health concerns, remotely as well as in person. Here’s a look at what RPM can do for you.

How remote patient monitoring benefits your health

RPM lets your provider track your symptoms or observe your condition over time. Catching medical problems early can often increase your chances of full recovery or minimize complications. If problems emerge, we can recommend changes to your treatment plan, including scheduling in-person therapies if needed.

With modern technologies available for RPM, your Living Water Clinic provider collects and tracks the data you generate about your condition. For example, you can share your blood pressure readings, upload blood sugar levels, or track other ongoing concerns.

If you show a spike in your numbers, or a poor trend is revealed, your provider can see this information and get you the medical care you need or suggest modifications to your treatment plan that you can apply at home.

The two-way connection you establish with the Living Water Clinic treatment team through our Accuhealth Telehealth platform encourages accountability and understanding. You can use our intuitive tools to upload your confidential data and receive professional advice and support at the same time.

Who can benefit from remote patient monitoring?

Patients of all ages, with a variety of conditions, can benefit from RPM services. This ongoing monitoring is a great advantage for people with chronic conditions and who need consisitent support to maintain their overall health and wellness. Patients with acute medical problems can also benefit from RPM care.

If you have a chronic condition like diabetes, asthma, or hypertension, you need coaching for weight loss or sleep problems, or you’re concerned about a suspicious symptom that you think might need regular checking, RPM could help you.

At Living Water Clinic, we offer top-quality pediatric and family medical care remotely via telemedicine appointments, and we can deliver preventive care for all members of your family.

You can learn more about remote patient monitoring by contacting Living Water Community Health and Wellness Clinic today. Call our offices in Porterville, Lindsay, or Visalia, California, or book an appointment online at your convenience.

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