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Why You Should Prioritize Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Your daily life is busy, full of demands from work, family, and friends. It can be easy to lose your focus on your own health and wellness. 

But Dr. Erick Madrigal and the team of family medicine and primary care providers at Living Water Clinic want to remind you how important it is to prioritize your health, including keeping your body at a healthy weight.

It’s easy to gain weight when you’re busy, stressed, or just not paying close attention to your diet and exercise. But with renewed focus and the right professional weight loss management support, you can keep your body weight within a range that’s healthy for you.

Our team treats patients of all ages from locations in Porterville, Lindsay, Visalia, and Woodlake, California. Could you benefit from weight loss support? Here are some of the ways healthy weight loss can improve your wellness and longevity and why you should prioritize reaching and maintaining a healthy weight.

Health benefits of weight loss

Carrying too much body weight can harm your health in several ways. Losing weight can improve your health and wellness, as well as lower your risks of serious health conditions later in life.

Being overweight or obese puts a lot of pressure on your joints, especially those lower down on your body, like your hips and knees. Losing even a little weight significantly reduces the load on your knee joints, potentially saving you from joint pain and dysfunction.

Excess body fat also increases your risks of serious conditions like diabetes and heart disease. You can lower your risks by having a healthy body weight. Maintaining a healthy weight can extend your life expectancy and increase your quality of life, as well.

Losing weight the healthy way

Keeping your body in a healthy weight range benefits your long-term health. But it’s possible to lose weight in unhealthy, or unsustainable, ways. For example, crash dieting isn’t the best way to gain the health benefits of weight loss.

At our family practice, our approach to weight management helps you identify aspects of your lifestyle that could change to promote healthy, sustainable weight loss. Nutritional counseling ensures that your food intake gives your body all the nutrients it needs to stay strong while you’re reducing calories.

Exercise is an important part of maintaining a healthy body and keeping your weight in a healthy range. We work with you to develop a safe and fun exercise plan. If you need extra help losing a lot of weight, prescription medications can be safe and effective under the guidance of medical professionals.

Maintaining a healthy weight over time

Prioritizing your weight means prioritizing healthy weight maintenance for the long haul. Crash dieting, losing some weight, and regaining it in a year or two won’t do the trick. You need lasting lifestyle changes you can commit to in order for your health to continue to benefit from your weight loss, and we can support you every step of the way.

At Living Water Clinic, we check in with our patients about weight-related issues such as diet and exercise. If you’ve reached plateaus in your weight loss journey, added new complications to your life that make weight gain easier, or experienced changes in your metabolism related to aging, we’re here to help.

Meet Dr. Guadalupe Angelina Neria – Your Partner in Healthy Weight Management! 

Struggling to maintain a healthy weight? Look no further! Dr. Guadalupe Angelina Neria, a dedicated member of the Living Water Clinic team, is here to guide you on your wellness journey.

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