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When Telemedicine Might Be the Right Option for You

When Telemedicine Might Be the Right Option for You

Technology offers new ways to improve your daily life all the time. With telemedicine technology, you can access the high-quality medical care that you and your family need, securely communicating with your primary care doctor from wherever you are.

You can take advantage of telemedicine services to avoid the hassle and time involved in traveling to the doctor’s office. Telemedicine is also a great option when dealing with contagious illnesses; you can check in with your physician without exposing yourself or others.

At Living Water Community Health & Wellness Clinic, also known as Living Water Clinic, our experienced family medicine care team, provides telemedicine services under the leadership of founder Dr. Erick Madrigal. If a trip to one of our locations in Porterville, Lindsay, or Visalia, California, doesn’t work for you or your family, telemedicine might be the right option.

How does telemedicine work?

Telemedicine treatment takes advantage of modern technology to create a remote connection between you and a medical professional. You can use a phone, tablet, or computer for your telemedicine session.

When you log in to our secure video conferencing interface or make a secure phone call, you can speak with a Living Water Clinic provider in real time. With a video connection, you can show your provider troubling signs of illness or injury. You can also securely upload and share images of symptoms, such as a rash, or other causes for medical concern.

Telemedicine treatment lets you talk to a doctor, asking questions and getting the answers you need, from wherever it’s convenient for you: home, work, or any other private space where you can set up an internet or phone connection.

What conditions can be treated through telemedicine?

Telemedicine can address a wide variety of health concerns and conditions, and California law allows for telemedicine to be used for most of your medical care. Anything that doesn’t require physical contact — such as treating a fracture or administering a vaccination — can be provided through telemedicine. 

At Living Water Clinic, we offer a full range of family medicine services via telemedicine. We can:

You still need to make a trip to the clinic to meet in person with our primary care team for blood tests, Pap smears, and other procedures that have a physical element. Otherwise, why not take advantage of the convenience of telemedicine treatment?

Other benefits of telemedicine

The convenience of telemedicine can benefit you and your family in multiple ways. You don’t need to take time off work or schedule travel time in order to see a doctor. And you don’t need to spend time in crowded waiting rooms with people who may have contagious illnesses.

Telemedicine is also helpful for patients who find making a trip to the office physically or mentally stressful. If you have a physical or mental disability, telemedicine can make getting medical attention a lot more simple.

To learn more about all the ways that telemedicine can benefit you and your family, and to find out more about getting started with telemedicine, contact the helpful staff at Living Water Clinic today. Call the clinic near you, or schedule a virtual visit online.

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