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When Should I Go to the ER Instead of a Walk-in Clinic?

When Should I Go to the ER Instead of a Walk-in Clinic?

Medical situations like severe illnesses and injuries need professional care and attention right away to prevent serious complications. Often, you have to make decisions related to unexpected medical needs under pressure, and making the right decision can matter a lot.

At Living Water Community Health and Wellness Clinic, our team provides walk-in urgent care services and support for patients of all ages at our locations in Porterville, Lindsay, and Visalia, California.

Not sure if you should head to the emergency room (ER) or seek urgent care instead? Here are some helpful rules of thumb from the Living Water Clinic team.

When you should go to the ER

Medical emergencies, situations when a person or unborn baby could die or become severely disabled, need the ER. This includes mental health emergencies like suicidal thoughts.

Examples of a life-threatening medical emergency include choking, difficulty breathing, changes in consciousness, severe burns, seizures lasting 3-5 minutes, and pain or pressure in the chest. If you see these signs and symptoms, call 911 and get emergency medical care right away.

You or your loved one may need care rapidly in order to prevent the problem from getting worse. If you’re concerned about a potential heart attack or stroke, seek emergency care immediately and call 911. 

Get ER treatment for fainting, inhaled toxic substances, broken bones coming through the skin, severe allergic reactions, and deep wounds.

When urgent care at a walk-in clinic can help

Some medical situations require prompt care even if you’re not experiencing a life-threatening medical emergency. Those are situations where urgent care at a walk-in clinic is a better choice for your care needs.

Seeking urgent care at Living Water Clinic can save you time and money. Walk-in treatment or virtual urgent care treatment with our experts could be better for you and your family when the situation is urgent but not life-threatening.

Here are some examples of when an urgent care clinic can meet your medical treatment needs, saving you a trip to the ER:

When you come in for walk-in care at one of Living Water Clinic’s three locations, you receive top-quality attention and treatment for urgent needs as well as ongoing health concerns such as managing high blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes, allergies, or asthma and even help with worker’s compensation claims.

You can contact Living Water Clinic online or over the phone today. If you need urgent care support, walk-in for treatment now at the location near you.

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