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The Dangers of Being Overweight

The Dangers of Being Overweight

Being overweight or obese can put your body and health at risk. Did you know that it may increase your chances of developing serious health conditions? From cardiovascular to digestive health, your weight often makes a difference.

You may have tried to lose weight in the past without success. That’s where professional medical weight loss management support comes in.

With the help of the team at Living Water Community Health & Wellness Clinic, you can lose those extra pounds and keep them off. Here’s what our team of family medicine doctors, under the leadership of Dr. Erick Madrigal, wants our patients to understand about dangers of carrying excess weight — and how we can help.

The health risks of being overweight

Many people think of aesthetics when they think about weight, and they worry about how they want to look. At Living Water Clinic, our primary care doctors are more concerned with how well your body functions and how well you feel.

If you’re overweight or obese, you have a higher risk of several serious health conditions, as well as long-term chronic health problems, than you would if you maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight or obese increases your risk of:

Overall, being overweight increases your risk of mortality from all causes.

Professional support and weight loss management

You don’t have to go it alone when it comes to losing weight. Our primary care practice helps new and existing patients with weight loss management.

We use effective techniques to learn more about your unique body chemistry. If you have underlying issues like a hormone imbalance, correcting those problems might make it easier for you to successfully lose weight.

We provide you with a comprehensive, custom weight loss management treatment plan. You can meet your healthy and sustainable weight loss goals through dietary planning and nutritional counseling, an exercise plan that's safe for you, and, if needed and potentially beneficial, weight loss medications to normalize your appetite and fat absorption levels.

We’re here to support you

Living Water Clinic has family practice locations in Porterville, Lindsay, and Visalia, California. You should also know about our Rural Health Clinic, Clinica Agua Viva, located in Lindsay. Clinica Agua Viva accepts LaSalle, Dignity, Health Net, Medi-Cal insurance and Managed Medi-Cal insurances.

To learn more about how you can achieve your weight loss goals with professional weight loss management support, get in touch with the team at Living Water Community Health & Wellness Clinic today. Schedule your initial consultation appointment by calling the clinic near you, or book online now.

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