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Why Your OB/GYN Should Remain Your Partner in Health

Why Your OB/GYN Should Remain Your Partner in Health

No matter how you feel about or express your gender in your everyday life, your biological sex means you need specialized, ongoing medical attention for potentially unique care requirements. Women and individuals with female internal organs benefit from long-term care from a doctor who specializes in women’s health, known as an obstetrician/gynecologist (OB/GYN).

At Living Water Clinic, we provide top-quality care to patients of all genders from locations in Porterville, Lindsay, Visalia, and Woodlake, California. The expert team at our family practice understands the importance of OB/GYN care and wants to ensure you do, too.

Why do you need an ongoing healthcare partnership with an OB/GYN? Here's what our obstetrics and gynecology specialist, Dr. Jose Salas, Sr., wants you to know about why this type of care provider is an essential part of your long-term healthcare team.

When you’re young: Family planning and STI testing

Going through puberty activates aspects of your sexual biology, including your monthly reproductive cycle. You may need OB/GYN care during puberty as these changes take place in your body.

As they become sexually active, young adults benefit from a relationship with an experienced, supportive, and trustworthy OB/GYN for healthcare needs like family planning and testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

When you have a good partner in this aspect of your healthcare, you receive the individualized attention you deserve as you explore what it means to be you and start to build your life.

As an adult: Pregnancy, cancer screening, and reproductive care

Adults continue to benefit from an ongoing relationship with an OB/GYN they trust. Whether you’re having children or preventing unwanted pregnancy, you need a good OB/GYN for reproductive care. You may also need treatment for infertility if you want to become pregnant but haven’t been able to.

Adult women should be screened for cancers like cervical cancer on a regular basis. Catching early signs of cancer leads to lowered risks and improved outcomes. Your OB/GYN can let you know how often you need screening, based on your family and health history, and other risk factors.

You may also need care for troublesome symptoms related to your reproductive organs or menstrual cycle. These symptoms may include pelvic pain, painful periods, or menstrual irregularity and may be caused by underlying conditions like endometriosis.

The good news is that while these symptoms can be debilitating, they’re often very treatable with the right diagnosis and care.

As you mature: Menopause support and more

Menopause typically occurs when you reach your 50s, but your transition often begins earlier. Menopause often involves disruptive symptoms as your body goes through hormonal changes related to the end of your reproductive years. Hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and changes to your sex drive can be difficult to cope with.

You don’t have to suffer the symptoms and swings of menopause without help. In fact, working with an experienced provider can significantly smooth out your experience of menopause, sparing you stress and discomfort.

Throughout your lifetime, your health and wellness benefit from the attention of an OB/GYN in addition to your primary care doctor. To connect with OB/GYN services and support available to you through Living Water Clinic, contact us today. Call the nearest location to you or request an appointment online now.

Meet Dr. Jose Salas: Your Trusted OB/GYN at Living Water Clinic

Introducing Dr. Jose Salas, our dedicated obstetrician/gynecologist at Living Water Clinic. Dr. Salas brings years of experience and expertise in women's health to our practice, specializing in comprehensive care for patients of all ages. You can find him at our Lindsay location on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, and at our Porterville location on Wednesdays, from 8 am to 5 pm. Alongside Dr. Salas, our caring team includes a dedicated Care Coordinator, ensuring personalized guidance and support throughout your healthcare journey. Trust Dr. Salas and our team to provide compassionate and top-quality OB/GYN services tailored to your needs.

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