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The Benefits of Family Medicine

The Benefits of Family Medicine

At every stage in your life, from infancy to adolescence to aging, you benefit from knowledgeable, personalized medical care. Family medicine not only provides you with a lasting relationship with a primary care doctor, but it also does the same for your family as a whole.

At Living Water Community Health and Wellness Clinic, also known as Living Water Clinic, our experienced, approachable, and compassionate care team offers comprehensive family medicine services.

Our locations in Porterville, Lindsay, and Visalia, California, offer scheduled in-person and telemedicine appointments as well as walk-in services. You can also seek family medicine care at Clinica Agua Viva, our rural health clinic.

Who can benefit from family medicine?

Family medicine is for everyone, from the oldest to the youngest members of your household. At Living Water Clinic, we take pride in offering top-quality, personalized, holistic care to every member of your family.

Connecting with a family practice allows children to form a stable relationship with a medical provider that tracks growth and development metrics and keeps vaccinations up to date. Your family medicine provider can help you address any early signs of developmental or health concerns in your child, and we also conduct sports physicals for children and teens.

Family medicine is great for elders, as well. As you get older, you benefit from a central source of medical care, and you can count on us to prescribe and manage medications. We provide joint and soft tissue injections, offer nutritional counseling, and can even perform minor surgeries on site.

And, family medicine keeps adults in good health, essential when you have children or elders to care for in your household. Living Water Clinic provides gynecological services, men’s health services, and family planning support. We’re experts in handling on-the-job injury situations, sports injuries, and more.

The advantages of family medicine

With family medicine at Living Water Clinic, your primary care provider works to understand more about your whole family’s health and wellness needs. We may be able to provide better care and support when we treat your entire family, rather than individual members of your family receiving separate care through different providers.

Family medicine care creates a record of your and your family’s health history. By tracking your family’s health over time, your care team can recognize potential health concerns that may run in your family, leading to improved outcomes and lowered risks of serious health problems down the road.

You also benefit from the comfort and convenience that comes with family medicine care. You can get to know your provider, developing a comfortable ongoing relationship. It may be easier to schedule appointments for multiple family members, simplifying travel and scheduling conflicts.

To learn more about all of the ways that family medicine care with Living Water Community Health and Wellness Clinic can benefit you and your loved ones, get in touch with us today. Schedule a visit by calling the location near you, or book an appointment online.

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