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How to Prevent and Treat Athlete's Foot & Meet our Podiatrist!

How to Prevent and Treat Athlete's Foot

When symptoms of scaly, itchy rash show up around your toes, there is a good chance you are dealing with a case of athlete’s foot - medically known as tinea pedis. Athlete’s foot can affect people of all ages, although men are more prone than women to developing this condition, and it may affect you more as a teen or as you get older.

The family medicine providers at Living Water Community Health and Wellness Clinic, aka Living Water Clinic, have the podiatry expertise you can rely on to clear up your athlete’s foot. Our primary care team can also advise you on the best tips to prevent future outbreaks.

The itchy symptoms of athlete’s foot are caused by a fungal infection. Fungal infections can attack your skin and nails, becoming entrenched and difficult to eliminate. Visit Living Water Clinic at our three locations in Porterville, Lindsay, and Visalia, California, for effective athlete’s foot treatment.


Preventing athlete’s foot

Like many types of mushrooms, the fungus that causes athlete’s foot does well in a warm, dark, damp environment. The spaces between your toes can provide a good place for fungus to take root and become a problem.

When it comes to preventing athlete’s foot, there are two key things to keep in mind. One is to keep your feet and toes dry, and the other is to pay attention to your risk of catching this condition from other people.

Avoid keeping sweaty shoes and socks on for too long. Change your socks, if needed. Make sure to dry out shoes between uses if they’ve gotten sweaty, as well.

Like many fungal infections, athlete’s foot is highly contagious, passing easily from person to person. In order to avoid catching athlete’s foot, don’t share shoes or socks with other people. Walking barefoot in public areas can often expose you to fungal infections, so use shower shoes at the pool and the gym.


Clearing up your case of athlete’s foot

Now you know what to do in order to prevent athlete’s foot, but what can you do when you’re affected by that red, itchy rash around your toes? You might be able to temporarily clear up your symptoms with over-the-counter treatments, but fungal infections can be very stubborn to fully treat and may come back to bother you again.

That means you need expert treatment. At Living Water Clinic, our team uses proven, effective methods to treat your athlete’s foot. We may recommend:



If you’re dealing with athlete’s foot or you’re bothered by itchy feet, visit our family practice for an examination now. After confirming this podiatry condition, your provider works with you to put together a treatment plan to clear up the infection, relieve the itch, and help you prevent spreading athlete’s foot to someone else.

With the support of the primary care doctors at Living Water Community Health and Wellness Clinic, you can keep your feet healthy and comfortable. Call us today to schedule your appointment, or request an appointment online now.

Our Caring Physician

Kristopher Koelewyn is a Podiatrist who recently joined the Living Water Clinic team!

Kris is serving in his first year at a private practice and has completed 8 years of schooling and training. He has an undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley and attended a podiatry medical school in Oakland for four years. After his time in Oakland, he completed a 3 year surgical residency training program at Stony Brook University Hospital in Long Island, New York. He then completed a fellowship training year at UCSF medical center in San Francisco specializing in limb preservation. With all of Dr. Koelewyn’s experience and detailed background, he is eager to care for patients. 

Before Dr. Koelewyn chose to be a podiatrist, he was exploring other options such as medical school, physical therapy, and other disciplines while continuing his journey to become a podiatrist. Dr. Koelewyn had personal experience as a patient being in and out of podiatrist offices growing up. He ended up choosing podiatry because he can relate to exactly what his patients are experiencing. Looking back on his memories as a podiatry patient, he knew what to expect both clinically and surgically, and appreciated how hands-on it was. One of Dr. Koelewyn’s joys of being a podiatrist is that he gets to help his patients receive immediate results even on their first visit.

Even with Dr. Koelewyn’s wide range of experience and traveling, his goal was to still return to the central valley to serve the community he grew up with. He was born and raised in Hanford and one of his goals is to grow his new practice in Porterville, California. 


Dr. Koelewyn recommends that if patients have diabetes without any complications, they should have a yearly diabetic foot exam. Some patients require examination more often if they have neuropathy, history of wounds, or amputation. Daily foot checks for this population is also very important to help prevent further complications. Supportive athletic shoes with a good arch support insole, or preferably, custom orthotics, is always helpful with keeping your feet comfortable and free from pain. An extensive list of shoes and other products that have the American Podiatric Medical Association seal of approval can be found on their website at 


Dr. Koelewyn has been located at our sister clinic, Clinica Agua Viva, in Lindsay, California. He serves new and existing patients every Friday from 8:00am-12:00pm. Clinica Agua Viva also accepts Medi-Cal insurance. Contact (559)-562-1361 to book your appointment with Dr. Koelewyn today!

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