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How a Positive Work Environment Improves Patient Care

How a Positive Work Environment Improves Patient Care

Your family medicine doctor is a home for you and your loved ones. At Living Water Community Health & Wellness Clinic, also known as Living Water Clinic, we work to make sure the environment we provide for your care is a positive and loving one. We want you to benefit from the improved patient care that comes from a real focus on compassion and love.

Our team of family medicine providers is led by Dr. Erick Madrigal. We provide care for new and existing patients of all ages at our locations in Porterville, Lindsay, and Visalia, California. We also operate Clinica Agua Viva, a rural clinic extending our range and ability to provide care to a whole region.

The benefits of loving care

When you get positive, affirmative medical care from providers you know and who support you, your health and wellness benefit in many ways. In fact, studies suggest that receiving care that comes with love attached can improve your body’s ability to heal and stay healthy!

Less stress related to doctor’s visits keeps your blood pressure low and protects you from the other negative effects of stress hormones like cortisol. Walk-in appointments take stress away from the process of getting medical care. Talk to your provider at Living Water Clinic about innovations like telemedicine that can reduce appointment-related stress even further.

It’s a lot easier to keep up with your care needs with a family medicine team you can trust. From preventive screenings to early check-ins about potential symptoms, you benefit in so many ways from frequent, regular health care.

When you lack a family medicine home, it can be challenging to maintain your best possible health. And it can be tough to go to the doctor when you don’t feel cared for by your primary care physician.

Don’t you and your loved ones deserve all the benefits of loving, positive patient care? With love, we can all improve our health and wellness and stay connected for years to come.

How we keep our environment positive

At Living Water Clinic, we’re all about creating a positive space for our work and your care. In addition to providing easy access paths to patient support services like telemedicine, virtual urgent care, and walk-in appointments, we focus on other ways supporting our patients and our team with love.

We incorporate The 5 Love Languages® into our practice, helping you feel completely cared for, physically and emotionally. We encourage you to talk to your provider about the best way to show you love, understanding, and care.

Do you need special support with language barriers, paperwork issues, or phobias and anxiety around medical treatment? Let your provider know, and you’ll receive compassionate, effective support. With our help, you get the best possible primary care and specialist medical treatment.

Could your family benefit from primary care medicine with a team that believes in the healing power of love? Contact Living Water Community Health & Wellness Clinic online or over the phone today, or walk in for treatment at the location nearest to you.

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