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Help! I’m Struggling to Lose Weight

Help! I’m Struggling to Lose Weight

For many adults, weight loss is almost an entire full-time job. You spend time doing your research and you pair that with trying to figure out how to eat right for your body’s nutritional needs. Many extra hours are spent for food prep, grocery shopping, calorie counting, and working out. You might even keep a food journal to record everything you eat.


After all that work, you might be asking yourself: Why am I still struggling to lose weight? At Living Water Clinic, we have the answers you need that will help you move past unsuccessful attempts and will promote your success with lasting weight loss . The next question you need to ask yourself should be: Is professional weight loss management right for me?


At Living Water Clinic, we are proud to have professional obesity, nutrition, and weight loss specialist Dr. Jerry Neria, MD, among our team of family medicine doctors. Our primary care practice operates from locations in Porterville, Lindsay, and Visalia.


The benefits of healthy weight loss

Losing weight the healthy way isn’t just good for your self-esteem — although it can feel pretty good to fit back into smaller clothes again! Healthy weight loss, even modest weight loss of just 5%-10% of your body weight, can improve your whole-body health and wellness in multiple ways.


Maintaining a healthy weight reduces your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, and healthy weight loss can even reverse early stages of prediabetes. Taking pressure off of your joints protects you from osteoarthritis. Healthy weight loss also protects your cardiovascular health. Factors such as being overweight or obese significantly increases your risk of heart disease.


Factors that might be preventing you from losing weight

Despite what your parents may have told you, weight loss is not always as easy as choosing fruits and vegetables instead of salty snacks or sweets. Different factors related to your health, your body, and even your genetics can impact your ability to lose weight.


For instance, underlying hormonal imbalances might be contributing to stubborn weight retention. A thyroid imbalance can prevent you from losing weight. You could also be experiencing weight gain as a result of a condition like Type 2 diabetes.


If there’s something complex going on with your whole-body health, diet and exercise alone may not work, no matter how dedicated you stay. That is where Dr. Neria and the obesity specialists at Living Water Clinic can help.


Getting started with professional weight loss support

When you turn to Dr. Neria and the Living Water Clinic team for weight loss support, you do not need to worry about being shamed, blamed, or sent off with frustrating advice you have already heard from the TV or internet. Instead, Dr. Neria relies on specific weight loss science principles for your weight loss management treatment plan.


At your consultation appointment, Dr. Neria will ask questions to find out more about your weight loss history, weight loss goals, and past and present physical condition. The more information he has about you, the more he can guide you toward the right weight loss strategies. Dr. Neria may also order tests to check for underlying imbalances and/or other medical conditions.


The right plan for you

Dr. Neria supplies you with personally customized activity and meal plans that let you know how you should eat and exercise for real weight loss results. He also monitors your progress and will affirm your efforts to help you through any weight loss plateaus you may hit.


Additionally, if you need further mental health support or medication management during your weight loss journey, our family practice team will continue to be there for you. If you are ready to be done with the struggle of losing weight and you want to see real weight loss results, get in touch with the primary care providers at Living Water Clinic today. 

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