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Family Medicine and Primary Care Treatment at Our Rural Health Clinic

Family Medicine and Primary Care Treatment at Our Rural Health Clinic

When you live in a rural area, making the trip to the city to see the doctor takes a lot of time and energy. Rural health clinics work on bringing needed family medicine and primary care treatment to you, instead.

Clinica Agua Viva is the rural health clinic branch of Living Water Community Health and Wellness, dedicated to providing top-quality primary care from our accessible Lindsay, California, location.

Dr. Erik Madrigal and his team offer a full range of adult and pediatric family medicine services at Clinica Agua Viva. You can rely on Clinica Agua Viva to connect you with a primary care doctor you can trust. Here’s what you need to know about our rural health care practice and offerings.

Rural health care access

Rural health clinics like Clinica Agua Viva serve areas that don’t have access to many primary care providers or health care services. Our mission is to connect you and your family with the best possible medical care and support resources.

You can talk to the knowledgeable and compassionate providers at Clinica Agua Viva about your access and health care needs. Our expertly trained family medicine doctors provide most of our services through our outpatient clinic.

We also work with patients through telemedicine and remote patient monitoring if it’s not easy for you to leave your home or to travel to our Lindsay clinic. A nurse may even be able to visit you.

Rural health clinic services

Clinica Agua Viva uses a team approach to get you comprehensive medical support and care. Our practitioners have multiple different specializations, and we partner with nearby hospital services for additional resources when needed.

We offer care for acute and chronic physical conditions, as well as mental health support. We’re prepared to help in emergencies as well as with long-term health problems. Contact us for your health care needs including:

Clinica Agua Viva’s family practice can accommodate the needs of patients of all ages.

Insurance coverage support

Our rural health clinic, Clinica Agua Viva, is now accepting Medi-Cal insurance and managed Medi-Cal insurances LaSalle, Dignity, and Health Net at our Lindsay, California, location. We also take private insurance.

For full coverage, let your insurance provider know that you want to change your primary care provider (PCP) before your appointment by calling the Member Services number found on the back of your insurance card. Let the representative know that you’re calling to change your PCP to Dr. Madrigal in Lindsay.

For more information about using the rural health clinic Clinica Agua Viva for your primary care and family medicine needs, call 559-562-1361. You can also schedule an appointment online by clicking on the “Book online” button.

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